Privacy Policy

Career Supports is committed to providing exceptional writing and editing at affordable prices, and we have a customer approval rate of 96%; however, Career Supports is under no legal obligation to refund the purchase price of any writing, editing or any other service under any circumstance unless explicitly put forth by Career Supports. Career Supports also reserves the right to use its work in instructional or promotional material subject to the Privacy Agreement. Refunds/ Chargebacks The service once subscribed to by the applicant is not refundable & non-transferable and all amount(s) paid shall stand appropriated. In case of payment by Credit Card, no charge back shall be accepted by Career Supports . In case of payment by cheques, Career Supports reserves the right to provide service after realization of the Cheque amount. In the event of the dishonor of the cheque, an additional cost by way of service cost of Rs. 150 shall become immediately payable and the applicant agrees to pay the same together with interest payable @ rate of 2% per month from the date the said payment fell due till date of its realization together with all costs related to its realization