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Know about the challenges and opportunities in your career in 2015

This 2015 yearly report gives you the preview on your career opportunities, developments and challenges in the year ahead. With this report you will learn about your astrological dashas influencing your career graph. Basis this you can plan to safeguard your career interests.

This report includes

Dashas discussed at sub-sub level during specific periods of 2015
Remedy suggestions for enhancing or regulating planetary effects.
Running dasha pattern of native at various levels along with their starting and ending dates.

This report is prepared by experienced astrologers

These reports are prepared by our reputed panel of astrologers after looking into charts of native. It contains planetary placement in horoscope, running dasha pattern of native at various levels along with starting and ending dates of various dashas. At various points it clearly mentions the houses and various combinations present in individual chart.

These reports are Personalized - and not generic in nature

Anybody can cross check these details from any astrologer, and there won’t be any discrepancy as the details will be genuine and unique to each chart.

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